Tea and Trouble Brewing, passed along

The gift copy of Tea and Trouble Brewing goes, hands down, to the friend of Bertha (see the comments on the post) who lost her 20-year-old son recently. Thank you, Dorcas, and thank you to Bertha for advocating for your friend. And I’m sure that all who read this will wish to say a prayer for Starla and her family.


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  1. Bertha

    so humbly thrilled by your generosity!!!! I thank you for caring about my friend in this very dark time in her life. She is very excited about reading this book…..her and I have shared many tea times together through the years and those teacups could tell quite the stories 🙂 Thanks to all who lifted up my friend in their prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

  2. Amanda

    You’re so very welcome. Enjoy!

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