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If you’re like me, all that “down time” you anticipated when quarantine began has quickly filled up with house and yard projects and cooking the sort of meals one doesn’t have time to prepare when running kids around to activities. But in case you–and your kids–are looking for books online, Audible is offering a selection of free audiobooks in multiple languages for elementary kids, tweens, and teens, as well as a limited selection of classics: Some of the tween and teen books have adult appeal as well, like Jane Eyre and several titles by C.S. Lewis.

In addition, Revelation Media released an animated “Pilgrim’s Progress” last year that is worth watching. It is available free for streaming until April 30: I recommend it for upper elementary/middle schoolers and up.

I’m reading Pride and Prejudice with my thirteen-year-old, and all three of us are reading True Grit as a family. Here’s something to contemplate while wrapping my saplings in deer-proof fencing: What do Elizabeth Bennet and Mattie Ross have in common?


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  1. Hmm…an extensive and precise vocabulary?
    I never read True Grit, but in honor of Charles Portis, who recently passed away, I watched the 2010 version of the movie. The young actress who plays Mattie Ross does an amazing job of portraying the precocious and determined Mattie. Your post makes me think I should read the book! 😊

    • Amanda

      Yes, read it and tell me what you think of the author’s omission of contractions, either in narration or reported speech. It’s rather singular, and I haven’t found any reference to it in reviews. I can’t decide whether to attribute it to Portis’s journalistic background, an attempt to represent the era (Did people really talk that way?), or … something else.

      Our reading of the book was prompted by watching the 1969 John Wayne version. Kim Darby also did an excellent job of portraying Mattie.

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